Launched in November of 2010, provides information on oral health such as brushing teeth and flossing, and conditions including bad breath, gum disease, teeth grinding, tooth decay and more. For tooth restoration, the site covers topics such as dental fillings, root canal, dentures and teeth whitening. Consumers can also learn about all the types of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants, dental veneers, lumineers and more.

To provide the most accurate and comprehensive information, the site has a complete medical review board consisting of dentists, oral surgeons and specialists such as orthodontists.

Founded in November of 2010

Medical Review Board Members:
Paul Amato, DDS - Seattle, WA
Nathan Birnbaum, DDS, CAGS - Boston, MA
Michael Cortese, DMD, PA - Princeton, NJ
Emanuel Finn, DDS - Washington, DC
Debra G. King, DDS, FAACD - Atlanta, GA
Ronald Plotka, DDS - Boston, MA